Tele-Integrated Services

Tele-Integrated Services


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Telemedicine is the practice of providing remote health services to patients by leveraging information communication technology with expert medical care. Through telemedicine, doctors and patients are connected instantly, regardless of physical distance, time, and other logistics. MedJacket Web’s dynamic telemedicine services facilitate instant video access to registered medical professionals, rural medical practitioners, and nurses. This collaboration ensures that patients get quality care, every time. Through MedJacket’s telemedicine system, clinicians can interact with patients virtually, while monitoring their vitals in real time. Additionally, they may prescribe medication, upload reports, and consult other experts without having to wait for an appointment. This virtual healthcare model reduces the need for clinicians to travel to remote, rural locations to provide consultation services. Further, MedJacket’s cloud servers securely store patient records, allowing patients and practitioners to access them remotely. Our security-compliant video conferencing software guarantees doctor-patient confidentiality in addition to a seamless integration with the MedJacket Web system.


Tech-Driven Solutions for Healthcare

Telemedicine forms a part of telehealth – telehealth aims to provide comprehensive long-distance medical care, health education, and administration by incorporating telecommunication with the health domain.

MedJacket’s telehealth services include consultation, report analysis, and diagnostic tool integration.
The MedJacket system is designed to cover various aspects of telehealth with a primary focus on rural healthcare. Our telehealth modules not only comprise individual patient care, but also include medical education, administration, and rural health management.

MedJacket creates a secure, intuitive, and user-friendly gateway for rural medical practitioners and healthcare workers to collaborate with other expert clinicians from different locations. Doctors may also work in partnership with allied pharmacists, radiologists, and other allied professionals to provide all-inclusive care. The MedJacket system also streamlines digital public health education by enabling online sessions.

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