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What is My MedRecord

My MedRecord is an electronic record of your health information that can be accessed through multiple devices. This contains all relevant records and reports that your team of healthcare professionals can use to deliver comprehensive services to you and your family. My MedRecord is an online repository that stores information like integrated vitals reports from MedJacket, past medical history, prescriptions, discharge summaries, lab and pathology reports, diagnostic sheets, allergen information, clinician comments, and contact details. This allows you to be in control of your health data – you can access it anywhere, anytime, and choose who gets to see it. Providing this health summary to your clinician enables them to deliver the right treatment every time.

My Family Med Records

My Family MedRecords brings your whole family’s medical information in one page. This means that you can access your family’s health data easily and effectively. My Family MedRecords also takes into account patient and family history, allowing your healthcare provider to get a more comprehensive outlook at your prognosis. My Family MedRecords has specialized input modules for different family members. You may add important vaccination information for your child, details of past treatment for chronic illnesses, and special care instructions for older family members. Your MedJacket Home device may be wirelessly integrated to provide seamless monitoring and data transfer. Ensure the care and well-being of your loved ones with My Family Records, a one-stop portal for your entire family’s health needs.

Using My MedRecord


Why My MedRecords?

Online references

Accountability for attendance

Accountability for prescription

Accountability for dispensing

Instant support with Tele Health


Medical Books

Physiological measurements to monitor

Medicine Name and use

Your records

Allied Health


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