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What is My Practice?

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My Practice is a comprehensive cloud-based online health data management system that securely stores your patients’ medical records and summary. This summary can be accessed digitally by doctors, rural medical practitioners, and allied professionals so that they can get a clear, precise picture of the individual’s health condition. My Practice is an organized digital repository that seamlessly integrates real-time information from MedJacket, providing vital stats and health trends. In addition, healthcare professionals can input information about past medical conditions, lab reports, medication history, allergen information, diagnostic imaging sheets, pharmacist receipts, discharge sheets, and contact details. My Practice presents a simple synopsis of the patient’s health trends may be accessed by relevant healthcare providers in accordance with functionality – the patient’s medical privacy is respected and upheld at every level.

Using My Practice

The My Practice Portal is intuitive and easy to use, helping you streamline your workflow, and save time.


My Practice can be accessed through the MedJacket Web portal.


Clinicians, rural medical practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, patients, and guests may log in to My Practice with varying levels of authorization. The secure server ensures that individuals may access only the information that is relevant to them. individual bootup pages are available for Super admins, staff, admins, and guests. This ensures that patient information is confidential and safe.

Deletion Access

The super admin can selectively provide patient record modification and deletion access so that not everyone can view confidential records. Only verified professionals can access, modify, and delete patient information.

Dashboard Overview

This section details the types of dashboards available on the My Practice portal depending on varying levels of access and function. These dashboards are to be accessed by relevant healthcare staff such as super admins.

User dashboard

Healthcare staff may enroll new patients and demographic information here. This a simplified patient enrollment form that includes basic biographical details and medical conditions. Allergen information, medical history, previous reports, and other details may be included. Here the staff can choose how much access to give new patients. Patients may be allowed to view their relevant monitoring and report modules accordingly. When the patient subsequently logs into MyMedRecord, they may be able to access their reports and information in a unified portal after entering their ID.

Patients dashboard

Once a patient’s information has been inputted into My Practice, subsequent appointments, examinations, and admissions may be recorded here. This page provides a summary of test results and vital stats as well.

Nursing station dashboard

This dashboard aids monitoring of multiple patients in a nursing station setup by presenting a dynamic interface integrated with MedJacket. Vital stats are updated in real-time with information relayed wirelessly from MedJacket. A list of tasks and medication due, test results, and patient details are available in a single, smooth interface. Nurses may opt to monitor patients through the live camera option if need arises.

Hospital dashboard

The Hospital dashboard facilitates a one-stop repository of associated hospitals, wards, beds, and units. This may be useful in the rural healthcare setup to maintain a list of available healthcare setups.

Pharmacy dashboard

This dashboard is used to create a list of affiliated pharmacies in addition to issuing receipt forms and keeping track of stock. Pharmacists may access this section to dispense prescription medication accordingly.

Reports dashboard

This dashboard is integrated to MedJacket to provide real-time monitoring reports on various modules. In addition, patient reports from multiple labs, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals may be viewed in one page.


My Practice establishes a smooth connection between the patient and their health team, making relevant health records accessible at the touch of a button. Not only does it serve as a patient management system, but it provides a quick, effective overview of health information in a way that is easy to interpret.

Registered Medical Practitioners

Rural Medical Practitioners

Allied Professionals

Lab technicians

Lab technicians and pathologists may upload relevant reports and findings to the My Practice portals. This allows the patient’s healthcare team to view reports immediately and removes the need for logistics.


Prescriptions uploaded to My Practice helps pharmacists dispense medication accordingly. Pharmacists may also use allergen information and previous medical records to provide appropriate care. The My Practice prescription option eliminates the need to carry hard copies and slips.


My Practice’s hospital management system allows nurses to care for patients effectively. Nurses may input patient information with ease and integrate new records with existing medical history. In addition, they may monitor their patients through MedJacket’s modules.

Patient Records

Allied Health


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